Strange Flowers: Cultivating new music for gamelan on British soil

House, Ginevra (2014) Strange Flowers: Cultivating new music for gamelan on British soil. PhD thesis, University of York.



Supervisors: Sorrell, Neil
Keywords: Gamelan, Britain, Britain, Java, Indonesia, composition, music, hybridity, trans-state, cosmopolitan, international, transmission, creativity, intercultural, authenticity, Britishness, cross-cultural, fusion
Awarding institution: University of York
Academic Units: The University of York > Music (York)
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Depositing User: Miss Ginevra House
Date Deposited: 10 Sep 2014 14:27
Last Modified: 01 Jan 2021 01:19


Doctoral thesis of Ginevra House

Filename: House, G. Strange Flowers.pdf

Description: Doctoral thesis of Ginevra House

Licence: Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License

R-5.1 Campion, Overy Dunes

R-5.2 Wilkinson, Fullstop

R-5.3 Van der Walt, Gamelunk

R-5.4 Campion, Miniature

R-5.5 Clare Ngesti

R-5.6a Wullur, 10 Bulls

R-5.6b Wullur, 10 Bulls

R-5.6c Wullur, 10 Bulls

R-5.6d Wullur, 10 Bulls

R-5.6e Wullur, 10 Bulls

R-5.6f Wullur, 10 Bulls

R-5.6g Wullur, 10 Bulls

R-5.6h Wullur, 10 Bulls

R-5.6i Wullur, 10 Bulls

R-5.6j Wullur, 10 Bulls

R-A.1 Roth, Full Fathom Five

R-B.1 Sorrell, Missa Gongso

R-C.1 March, Pieces of 5 & 3, tumbuk 6

R-C.2 March, Pieces of 5 & 3, tumbuk 5

R-D.1 Wilkinson, English Garden

R-E.1 Smith et al Iron Pipes

R-F.1 Jacobs, Fair Roses

R-G.1 Channing, Pig in the Kraton!

R-H.1 House, Waterlily

R-I.1 Harrison, Concerto for piano and gamelan Si Betty

R-I.2 Harrison, Concerto for piano and gamelan Sekar Petak

R-I.3 Wilkinson, a long way of seeing

R-I.4a Sorrell, Concerto mvt 1

R-I.4b Sorrell, Concerto mvt 2

R-I.4c Sorrell, Concerto mvt 3

R-J.1 Campion, My Mother's House

R-K.1 Clarke, Three Exits

R-L.1 Parry, Fuzzy Logic

R-M.1a Matthews, Augmented Gamelan 1

R-M.1b Matthews, Augmented Gamelan 2

SA1 Roth, Full Fathom Five

SB1a Sorrell, Missa Gongso gamelan Kyrie

SB1b Sorrell, Missa Gongso Kyrie choir

SC2 March, Pieces of 5 & 3 tumbuk 5

SD1 Wilkinson, English Garden

SE1 Smith et al, Iron Pipes

SF1 Jacobs, Fair Roses

SH1 House, Waterlilly

SI1 Wilkinson, A long way of seeing, piano

SI2 Harrison, Piano concerto mvt 1

SI3 Sorrell, Prepared piano concerto mvt 1

SJ1 Campion, My Mother's House

SK1 Clarke, Three Exits

SC1 March, Pieces of 5 & 3 tumbuk 6



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