White Rose eTheses Online: Takedown Policy

To request the removal, or takedown, of a thesis from White Rose eTheses Online, either as the thesis author or if you feel that its content infringes UK law, please use the option to “contact us about this thesis” from the thesis page in the repository. You can then submit your request, choosing the appropriate option from the list offered. Alternatively, you can email etheses@whiterose.ac.uk, including the URL of the record and the reason for the takedown request.

  1. Your request will be acknowledged and an initial assessment will be undertaken by White Rose eTheses Online staff. We aim to acknowledge and assess the request within seven working days of receipt. Requests to remove theses are usually then passed to the awarding institution to be dealt with in accordance with their local policy.
  2. If the takedown request is approved by the awarding institution, the material will be withdrawn from the repository, either permanently or for an agreed period. A record giving information about the thesis may remain visible in the repository. This will be agreed on a case by case basis.
  3. It may be necessary for legal advice to be taken before the issue can be fully resolved.

Please note, content from this repository is also made available through the British Library's EThoS service. Therefore, if we remove a thesis from the repository, we will inform the British Library and ask them to remove the content also.

Should you wish to make a complaint about content in the repository, or any of the repository processes, please contact etheses@whiterose.ac.uk in the first instance. You should expect an acknowledgement of your complaint within seven working days.